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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic - Multistate Transmission - Waterford

If the check engine light on your dash is filling you with dread, bring your vehicle to Multistate Transmissions, where you can expect honesty and an upfront diagnosis every time. Modern vehicles are controlled mostly by computers and use sophisticated technology to operate well. When that check engine light is illuminated, our certified technicians use computer diagnostics to determine what part of the vehicle is failing. Our intricate computer diagnostic testing service can reveal a problem so our team can get to work right away with the proper repairs. Our diagnostic services have helped many drivers in Waterford Township, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Commerce Charter Township, and the surrounding area. 

How It Works

If the warning light comes on, your on-board computer system in your vehicle has detected a problem or service need with one or more of the many different systems it monitors and controls, such as your engine or transmission. When this happens, we recommend our computer diagnostics service so you can have an accurate assessment of the current condition of your truck or car.

At Multistate Transmissions, we use industry-leading equipment and connect to the computer system in your vehicle to search and find any error or trouble codes. Just like a dealership, our certified mechanics are able to retrieve information from the vehicle’s data stream and accurately diagnose your vehicle’s service requirements.

After we have this information, our technicians provide the service or repairs that your vehicle needs and ensure that your vehicle is road ready. Our innovative computer diagnostic service allows us to identify internal vehicle issues without the guesswork. We can save you time, money, and drawn-out repairs with accurate vehicle diagnostics. When it comes to your vehicle, trust the experts at Multistate Transmissions of Waterford.