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Transmission Repair

Quality Transmission Repair

The experts at Multistate Transmissions understand that the transmissions on today’s vehicles are the most complicated systems in the vehicle. With hundreds of complex components that enable your vehicle to move, your transmission system should be repaired and maintained by a knowledgeable professional. Transmission fluid, electrical components, universal joints, and a torque convertor make up this complex system, and for proper repairs to take place, these elements have to be dismantled, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected for damage. Through these thorough methods, our specialists can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s problem before starting in on repair work.

At Multistate Transmissions, all of your worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced by certified professionals. Once the parts have been thoroughly inspected, repaired, or replaced, they are resembled, adjusted, and tested to ensure that they are functioning correctly. With this thorough process, we can ensure that your transmission repair is done right and that your vehicle is road ready.

Affordable Transmission Repair

Sometimes a transmission repair requires only a small adjustment that can be made without hours of labor and dismantling the entire transmission system. Unfortunately, if you take your vehicle to the wrong repair shop, you could still end up with a large invoice. When you bring your vehicle in to a professional repair shop like Multistate Transmissions with a reputation for quality, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bill will always be honest and upfront. Our experts will give you their honest opinion on whether a minor or major repair is necessary and look for ways to save you money on the repair. 

Transmission Repair & Reseal

A transmission repair job may require a transmission reseal. If you notice that your vehicle is leaving spots of transmission fluid in parking lots or your driveway, you may need to schedule a reseal job. At Multistate Transmissions, we perform a thorough lift inspection to find out where the leak is and then perform the reseal work. 

Cars We Service

For transmission repairs, there’s nothing our team of certified mechanics can’t handle. We work on automatic and manual transmissions, both domestic and foreign makes and models, as well as trucks, four-wheel drive, hybrid, diesel, and recreational vehicles.

For more information about the transmission repair services that we provide, contact our Waterford location.

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FAQs About Transmission Repair

When it comes to scheduling a big repair like a transmission repair, you want to have all of the information before you begin. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from our clients about our transmission services. 

Q: How much will a transmission repair cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The repair costs depend on what is wrong with the transmission and what parts are needed to fix this issue. On average, 60% of all transmission repairs are minor and don’t require a complete overhaul. The transmission systems in newer cars are more sophisticated and require substantial testing to find the reason for error. At Multistate Transmissions, we offer a free performance check to find out what is wrong with your truck or car’s transmission system. After our performance check, we are able to make the correct diagnosis and provide upfront pricing for you. 

Q: Do you offer towing?

Free towing is available for major transmission repair jobs within the range of participating Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, Dr. Nick’s Transmissions, or Multistate Transmissions. Check in with your Waterford Multistate Transmissions location for more information. 

Q: What is your warranty?

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer extensive warranties on all our work. We have a standard 6-month/unlimited or 12-month/12,000-mile transmission warranty. If you’d prefer, we also offer extended warranties that you can add on. To find out more about our warranty policies, contact our Waterford Multistate Transmissions office. 

Q: Is my warranty good anywhere?

Our goal is that each of our customers have access to the transmission services they need when they need it. Because of that, our warranty is good nationwide at any of our nationwide service center and affiliates of Mr. Transmission, Multistate Transmissions, or Dr. Nick’s Transmissions. Whether you are close to home in Waterford or across the country, you can have access to the help you need. 

Q: How long will the transmission repair take?

Every transmission repair is different, and the timing can be affected by many different factors. The type of transmission repair, facility schedule, and availability of parts can all affect your repair time. Our team is dedicated to good communication and will keep you updated throughout the process. 

Q: Will you be putting all new parts in my transmission?

For transmission repair and rebuild work, Multistate Transmissions in Waterford uses both new and re-manufactured parts when required. Our certified mechanics rebuild the transmission back to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

Q: Do you have financing for transmission repair?

Most Multistate Transmissions locations offer third-party financing with approved credit. Some locations also offer 90 days same as cash or 12-month, same as cash financing. If you need more information on our financing options, please contact our Waterford office.